When & where is Tall City Blues Fest 2013?

TCBF is always held the last full weekend in July and takes place in Downtown Midland, TX (Centennial Plaza). The physical address is 105 N. Main Street. This years Festival dates are July 26-27, 2013.

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How much does it cost?

WEEKEND FESTIVAL PASS:  $30/each (Save $10)

Tickets can be bought online here.
Festival passes allow for come-and-go entrance to the Festival.

Tickets go on sale at ticket outlets Friday, July 5th.
Click here for a list of ticket outlets.

Children 12 and under will be admitted free but MUST be in the presence of their parent/guardian to gain admittance.

SPECIAL STUDENT PRICING:  $20 Weekend Festival Passes w/ a matching valid student I.D.  Limit one pass per student I.D.  Student passes can ONLY be purchased at the gate and are NOT available online or at ticket outlets.

MIDNIGHT TROUBADOURS: Midnight Troubadours are a VIP-priority event.  Individual tickets are available on a limited basis at the door and are $50/person. Click here to read more about Troubadours.

You can sign up for our mailing list here to be in the know about special offers, announcements, contests, discounted tickets, etc.  You can also friend us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tallcitybluesfest or follow us on Twitter @tallcityblues.

Why are the ticket prices lower this year?

In order to keep Tall City Blues Fest an annual ongoing event, we had to make some budget cuts this year. We were careful not to make cuts that sacrificed the core essence of the Festival, but we did have to eliminate and scale back certain aspects. We felt it only right to scale prices down to match the adjusted value.

In case you’re wondering what we had to eliminate or scale back, see the next FAQ “What changes have been made to this year’s Festival?

What changes have been made to this year’s Festival?

We eliminated all activities inside the Midland Center, therefore also eliminating any indoor vendors and Sunday activities in their entirety. The only “indoor” activities will be inside the Doubletree by Hilton, which will host the Educational Clinics (presented in conjunction with Midland College) and a showcase booth for the 2013 Featured Artist. The Will Call booth, Volunteer Check-In table and Silent Art Auction will also be located in the lobby of the Hotel. The Hotel’s new lounge, The Reserve, will still function as a Juke Joint and host live music on Friday and Saturday night of the Festival. Click here to read more about Juke Joints.

The former Community Jam that used to take place on Sunday inside the Midland Center is now being rolled into the outside festivities. The Ford Community Jam Stage will host 15-minute Community Jam sessions on Saturday in between the Riley Geological Main Stage and the Cimarex Main Stage alternations.

We’ve also scaled back the Main Stage line-up on Saturday to start at 2 PM, and the Thursday Night Street Dance has been eliminated.

The Memorabilia Auction has been converted into a raffle, which includes the chance to win a Black and White Polka Dot Fender Stratocaster Guitar autographed by legendary Blues man, Buddy Guy. So, who the hell is Buddy Guy? Click here to see a list of ALL the prizes included in the raffle.

The Thursday night VIP Kick-Off Party has been changed to a Sponsor Kick-Off Party, which will be held Thursday, July 25th and includes a Featured Performer (not performing at the Festival), Complimentary Beer & Wine Bar + Catering. As a result of this change, Festival VIP Tickets are being made available for purchase this year at a slightly discounted price. Information on Sponsorships, which includes admission to the Kick-Off Party, can be found here.

Midnight Troubadours, a VIP-Priority amenity, formerly took place on both Friday and Saturday nights of the Festival. This year, Troubadours will take place only on Saturday night. Complimentary Troubadour access is included with both Sponsor & Festival VIP Tickets. Click here for more info.

How do I buy tickets?

Click here to purchase tickets online.  You will be able to print your tickets from the convenience of your home printer.  The ticket will be scanned at at the gate. It is no longer valid once it’s scanned.  You’ll be issued an armband in its place that will allow for come-and-go entrance to the Festival.

Tickets will also go on sale at ticket outlets on Friday, July 5th.

Click here for a list of ticket locations.

What are Midnight Troubadours?

The short answer is they are completely freaking amazing…that’s what they are!

The more technical answer we know you were really looking for is……Midnight Troubadour’s are a completely improvisational, unrehearsed jam session with the Festival performers winding down and cutting loose.

The energy and vibe of Troubadour’s is completely different than the Main Stage performances. It facilitates a collaboration between professional A-level players that typically don’t play together and puts them in a jam, “call-and-answer” type environment, which makes the sky the limit on what these performers can create in Troubadours! Suffice it to say that Tall City Blues Fest Troubadours area a one-of-a-kind experience!

According to many of our VIP’s, it’s the best part of the Festival and what a great way to finish off the weekend with something so memorable!

Troubadours begin 30 minutes after the Festival ends on Saturday night and take place in a private area of the host hotel (Doubletree by Hilton).

Midnight Troubadours are a VIP-Priority event.  Complimentary admission is included with VIP credentials.  Yipeee!!!
Click here for more info on VIP Passes.

Individual Troubadour tickets are also available at the door on a limited basis and are $50/person.


Troubadours are a spectator event only and not intended to be a place to jam with Festival performers.

Content is not guaranteed to be family-friendly!

Where can I buy Midnight Troubadour tickets? They used to be available online.

You’re right!  However, we are no longer selling Troubadour tickets online.

Individual tickets for Midnight Troubadours are only available on a limited basis at the door.  Admission is $50/person and is separately ticketed from the Festival.  Midnight Troubadours are a VIP-priority event, meaning complimentary and guaranteed admission is included with VIP tickets.

Click here to learn about getting VIP tickets.

Who’s performing at this year’s Festival?

Tall City Blues Fest features award-winning and emerging talent on two Main Stages! We list information on the line-up here.

Will I be able to meet the Festival performers?

There are no organized meet-and-greets with Festival performers, although those with VIP credentials and access to the Ford VIP Parlor do have meet-and-mingles with Festival performers. Click here for info on being a VIP.

If you’re playing attention, you can also catch the Performers roaming the Festival grounds checkin’ things out.  Contrary to most beliefs, they are regular people too and occasionally like to kick back and hang, you know like to watch another performer.

Is there a minimum age for VIP’s?

Yes!  Future blues ambassadors can be as young as 15, but they do have to have their own VIP credentials-which means you have to buy them a VIP ticket.  Unfortunately, they can’t just tag along “with the ‘rents”.  This is not Sweet Home Alabama, where they allow “a baby in a baaarrr” (before you gasp from offense, that’s a line from a movie for those you who didn’t get it.)  For the record, we love Sweet Home Alambama–both the song and the movie!

What about the complimentary drink tickets for VIP’s, the more prudent-minded of you might wonder? What if they fall in the hands of these “youngins”? We thought about that, too. That’s why everyone, including VIP’s, will need to be age-verified if you want to buy or consume alcohol. Even though the VIP Parlor has its own tended bar, our choices are either to restrict the age of those eligible to posses VIP tickets, and thus have access to the VIP Parlor, to 21+ (which upsets some of you) or require all VIP’s to be age-verified (which hassles some of you). We’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t on this issue, so help a Festival Producer out, will ya?

How do I get age-verified to buy alcohol?

We have an age verification station at each gate, so save yourself the hassle of getting mad at us, and get that done when you first walk through the gates. And yes, even VIP’s will have to get age-verified and armbanded 21+ to be served at the VIP Parlor Bar. Unfortunately, your VIP armband will not suffice as verification for your age.

Is the Festival family-friendly?

Tall City Blues Fest is a family-friendly Festival meaning–parents, you don’t have to get a babysitter unless you choose to do so!  We say, “exposure to the blues while you young ain’t gonna do nothing but good!”

All language and visual appearances from the stages will be family-friendly content. Children under 12 will be admitted free but MUST be in the presence of their parent/guardian to gain admittance.

Can I bring my pet to the Festival?

NO PETS are allowed inside the Festival grounds.  Please DO NOT leave your pet in the car. The Festival is in July, after all!

FESTIVAL STAFF:  I’m sorry mam, but you can’t bring your dog into the Festival.

WOMAN:  Uh, but he’s a service dog.

FESTIVAL STAFF (Noticing the dog is not marked as a service animal):  Well, ok, what service is he providing to you?

WOMAN:  He’s blind!

No joke. . .this conversation actually happened!

What time do the gates open?

Friday, July 26th
Gates open at 5 PM; Music scheduled to start at 5:30 PM
Friday Day Passes $15

Saturday, July 27th
Gates open at 1 PM; Music scheduled to start at 2 PM
Saturday Day Passes $25

Weekend Festival Passes $30. Click here to buy tickets online.

How many entrances will you have?

Entrances will be located on Wall Street directly in front of the old County Courthouse and on Texas Avenue at the intersection of Main Street and Texas Avenue. When looking at a map you’ll see that one entrance is located on the West side of the Festival grounds and one on the East side.

While, there will be two different entrances where you can exchange your tickets for a wristband for admission into the Festival, there will only be one WILL CALL booth.

Where will the Will Call booth be located?

The Will Call booth will be located in the lobby of the Doubletree by Hilton, which is adjacent to the Festival grounds.  If you know you are picking up your tickets at Will Call, we suggest you plan your parking accordingly. Unfortunately, we can only have one Will Call table, so if you come to either of the entrance gates please don’t get upset with us when you have to walk around to the Hotel to get to Will Call.

What do I need to pick up my tickets from Will Call?

You will need a photo ID, preferably YOUR photo ID.  Tickets being held at Will Call will only be released to individuals whose name on their photo ID matches the name under which we are holding the tickets. Please note the Will Call table will be located in the lobby of the Hotel. See Where will the Will Call Booth be located?

Why do I have to show my ID to pick up my tickets at Will Call?

You wouldn’t want us to give away your tickets to someone else just because they said they were you, now would you?

What should I bring to the Festival?

You’ll definitely want to bring your lawn chair(s), sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, photo ID, camera and possible rain gear.  Tall City Blues Fest is a rain or shine event.

Can I bring a cooler with me to the Festival?


This is not because we want to charge you crazy prices for beer!  The venue’s policy does not allow for outside coolers.  Since that is the case, we will of course, be selling beer, and we promise to keep the prices reasonable!

Non-alcoholic drinks will also be available from vendors.

What types of facilities provisions will be available on the Festival grounds?

Porta-potties and hand-sanitizing stations will be provided on the Festival grounds.  Tall City Blues Fest is primarily an outdoor event, so limited indoor facilities will be available.

Where do I park?

You can parallel parking on the surrounding streets or park in surrounding lots that will be empty after 5 p.m. on the weekday and on the weekends. Some charge a fee, some are free.

You can also click here for the EZ Rider bus route and schedule information.  The downtown transfer station is within walking distance of the Festival grounds.

I’m from out of town. Is there a special hotel rate for Festival attendees?

Yes, of course!

117 W. Wall
Midland, TX 79701
located immediately adjacent to the Festival grounds, 0 minutes driving time

$184 Thursday/July 25
$134 Friday/July 26 thru Sunday/July 28
These prices are valid for single or double rooms. If beginning your stay on Thursday night, the rate will be adjusted to $134/night on Friday and Saturday.


PLEASE REFERENCE “TALL CITY BLUES FEST” WHEN BOOKING RESERVATIONS. We do have to track overnight hotel stays directly attributed to the Festival, so if you use a third party online service to make your reservation or choose a different hotel, please ask them to put “TALL CITY BLUES FEST” in the notes. This will help us immensely when attempting to gauge the economic impact of the Festival. It would also be really awesome if you would fire off a quick email to our Festival Administrator at elizabeth@promisingprojects.com and let us know where you stayed.


Can I sell my stuff at Tall City Blues Fest?

Yes!  We have our vendor application here. If you’re a food vendor or would like to sell your wares at TCBF, you should complete this online application.

How do I contact the Festival office?

The Festival Office number is 432-262-0034. Our Festival Administrator is Elizabeth McLellan. She can be reached by email at elizabeth@promisingprojects.com.

Why is TCBF not set-up as a non-profit?

A Blues festival per se, which is a showcasing format for the Blues, is not necessarily a cause. Certainly, Blues festivals all over the country are presented by non-profit Blues societies and there’s nothing wrong with that. Those Blues societies also host IBC Challenges, conduct Blues in Schools and generally work to facilitate the history and preservation of the Blues in their communities.

Our hope is that our work in launching Tall City Blues Fest will create enough interest in the Blues, that a Blues Society will sprout up out of the West Texas soil…and now that would be a reason for a non-profit!

Perhaps said another way…while showcasing the Blues in a Festival format is a noteworthy and important endeavor, by itself, it is not a cause…in our opinion. Instead of being a cause, we’ve elected to be philanthropic to causes. See TCBF Philanthropy. We will also be donating partial proceeds from our TCBF 2013 Raffle to the Blues Foundation‘s Raise the Roof Campaign toward the building of a Blues Hall of Fame.